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Green Hour is a core concept from the Be Out There campaign developed by the U.S. National Wildlife Federation. This program was designed in 2007 in response to the growing disconnect between people and the outside environment. The concept suggest that everyone, everyday, for at least one hour a day spend time interacting with natural world around them.

Green Hour Coffee offers customers organic coffee beans with a robust and wholesome taste to helps bridge the gap between people and nature. Replace your “screen time” with “green time” while drinking your fresh brew sitting outside or going for a morning walk.

Make ANY hour a Green Hour

NON GMO USDA Organic Certified

Original Roast

8 ounces
Original Blend Ground Coffee
Sales Tax For Each State Not Included

Set Up Green Hour In Your Cafe

We are more then happy to come by your cafe or tea shop to sample any of our CBD Roast Coffee blends


Breakfast Blend Infused

8 ounces

Infused Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee


Green Hour Inc.

Our Company Comes With Many Features and Healthy Ways of Everyday Life


Breakfast Blend is well balanced and subtle – 50% french roast & 50% original roast.

Green Hour Media

Enjoy our exclusive media content such as “Morning Walks” host by Jason “Problem” Martin and more with Green Hour Media


Non- GMO – USDA organic & fair trade beans.


Los Angeles based

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